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Our Process

At Northern Taxidermy we are the leader in Wildlife Art, specializing in Big Game Taxidermy. Our Quality is unmatched and when you receive your trophy from us, it is a one of a kind true piece of art. Art is not achieved quickly but we promise to deliver your trophy in a reasonable amount of time. Let us walk you through our process.


Once you legally harvest your trophy the countdown begins. You must be diligent to properly prepare your priceless specimen and quickly get it to Northern Taxidermy.

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You can either drop off your trophy during business hours or we can pick it up at one of our Processing pick up Locations. You can also ship us your specimen too. Once received we will first take your information and inspect the animal for holes, cuts, deformities, and rot. We then assign a customer number that stays with the animal and parts at all times.

Choosing The Pose

After clearing inspection we then discuss your trophy's pose. We custom make each and every form to specifically fit your animal.


Once we skin the specimen we then punch your customer number on the hide in a place that will be hidden on the mount to ensure trace-ability. Now we freeze and deliver your trophy to the tannery, where they will flesh, pickle, and tan your hide. We use a professional tannery for all our mounts at Northern Taxidermy. "Home-Tans", and "Dry-Tans" are not real tans and therefore produce low quality work years down the road. We get actual leather back from the tannery that will last for years. This is a long process (4-6 months minimum) but is well worth it.


Once received from the tannery we begin the mounting process. First the form is sculpted for proper fit, then the hide goes on. After we sew the incisions the true art takes place, getting the renowned Northern Taxidermy look of realism and natural feel of the wild every trophy deserves. Then it goes into a drying process lasting 2-3 weeks.

Finishing/Mounting Options

Once it dries 2-3 weeks it is ready for finishing. When skin dries it looks dead so we have to bring it back to life with paints and other proprietary methods. Then the habitat, back boards and pedestals are installed to customers specification.

Pick Up/Shipping

Immediately upon completion we will contact you to schedule a time and date for you to pick up your trophy at our Northern Taxidermy facility or we can ship your trophy to your door step.